‘I wished for death after failed cosmetic surgery’ – Transgender Jay Boogie

‘I wished for death after failed cosmetic surgery’ – Transgender Jay Boogie

Popular Nigerian transgender, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, better known as Jay Boogie, has said he wished for death after suffering complications following a botched cosmetic surgery.

He said his health condition worsened to the point that he had to undergo dialysis every day to be able to pass out urine.

Speaking in a recent chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Jay Boogie said he was also receiving death threats via social media because some of his friends took pictures of him in his hospital bed and lied that he needed public assistance to fund a kidney transplant.

He said, “People that I thought were my friends came into the hospital and took pictures of me and sent them to the bloggers. It was becoming so annoying that the bullying online was even too much. I was receiving death threats. People will come to my DM and be like, ‘You never still die?’ So, I decided to stay off the media for a while.

“I wasn’t the one that sent out my pictures on social media. It was my friends. I’m a discreet person. I don’t like flaunting things. I love living a low-key life. Because nobody cares about you. You should care about yourself.

“So, I mean, with the dramas going online, people bullying me saying, ‘How man go go do nyansh.’ Can you even imagine the mentality? Do you even see me as a man? This is something I want for myself. And I’m sure that if I were to be any of their siblings they won’t tell me that they won’t feel the pains I’m going through. I started going to dialysis every day so that I could pass out urine. My legs were swollen. The urine was very high. At that point, I was measuring my intake of water. Before I go for dialysis they will check my weight and I will be weighing 100 and something. Every day, I would be going for dialysis, they would be taking out my blood and all that. It was hurting that I sat down and said, ‘God abeg, I am just tired. I just want to go [die]. What am I even doing? Who sent me to come do this nyansh sef?”


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